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There are various different carpet options out there and it can be quite baffling which one is best for your room and lifestyle. Below is a brief overview of what we think is best and for where. Of course, we are always on hand to offer any advice you need too.

Wool Blended Carpet

One of my favourite products, great for areas of high traffic such as hallways, stairs, lounges and snugs.

Wool carpets are predominantly comprised of wool blends with one of the most popular ratios being 80% pure wool to 20% either polypropylene or a nylon mix, hence known as an 80:20 wool mix. The beauty of wool is that as a natural product it is hard wearing and an extremely good insulator.

Man Made Fibre Carpet

Great for bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms, project rooms and dining rooms.

Most man made fibre carpets are made of polypropylene. The benefits are that it gives a nice soft feel to the carpet and has excellent stain resistant qualities. The science behind it is that the raw material used to produce the carpet comes in the form of coloured chips in the colour of the finished carpet. Because the base of the carpet starts out life as the end colour, it cannot be dyed which also means it is very difficult to stain.


There are various different grades of carpet, whether they are wool blend or man made. The grade is basically the amount of pile you get per inch of carpet (or 2.54cm if you are feeling metric!) and also the cut length of the pile itself.

The more pile per inch, the tougher the carpet against signs of wear and tear and flattened pile tracks. The length of pile also contributes to this factor. A shorter pile coupled with a heavier weight (more pile per inch) is likely to bare the test of time well. If you are looking for a soft fluffy carpet feel then a longer pile length may be the direction to go. Many ranges we offer come in a selection of grades to choose from to suit your individual requirements and of course we are always on hand to help.


Often overlooked, the underlay you choose will actually go a long way to the final feel of your floor and it can help improve the life of your carpet. For example, if you feel that a shorter pile carpet would be the most suitable for your room but seek that soft squishy feel beneath your feet, then the underlay you choose to go under it could help give you the best of both worlds. We have a wide range of different dencities, thicknesses and compositions to choose from and as ever will always be available to help you choose what is right for you.