Wool has an excellent reputation as a quality fibre, and not just because it looks fantastic. There are many reasons that make wool such a great material for high quality carpets. Here are just a few of them:


Wool is an extremely durable material with a valuable bounce back ability that resists pile compression from sofas and other furniture. This makes for a resilient carpet that will retain its looks for many years.


As well as being warm and soft underfoot, wool also absorbs sound to help reduce the transfer of noise from room to room.


Wool is naturally flame retardant and so meets many fire regulations without the need for further treatment. It also provides a comfy surface that can help to cushion falls, which is great for a house with young children.


Wool is a completely natural and sustainable resource. With excellent insulation properties, a wool carpet will also improve the energy efficiency of your home. 


Wool is a smart fibre which will hold fine dust and absorb humidity in the air to improve the air quality of a room.

At NH Flooring our wool carpets are predominantly blended with either polypropylene or nylon mix at a ratio of 80% pure wool and 20% man-made fibre. This adds to the existing qualities of wool to improve a carpets stain resistance, flexibility and cost.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of a wool blend carpet, then get in touch today.