So you have just re carpeted (choosing N H Flooring of course...) and it looks fresh and pristine, but for how long? How do you keep your carpets looking and smelling great with kids and pets to contend with? It might seem like these messy terrors are hell bent on destroying your lovely white wool blend, but fear not! Follow a few simple steps and your carpets will keep looking like we just laid them.

  1. Stop mess getting into your home in the first place by asking guests to remove their shoes. Unless they are Carrie Bradshaw, and are afraid of losing some seriously expensive footwear, your guests shouldn’t be put off by this request. If you want to get all scientific, researchers have shown that it takes 17 steps to remove all the dirt from your shoes. That’s 17 potential ‘oops’ moments all over your carpets.
  2. James Dyson should be your new best friend. It seems obvious but making sure to hoover regularly can go a long way to ensuring your carpets longevity. In a busy family home ideally you should be aiming to hoover at least 2 or 3 times a week. This will keep crumbs lingering in your shag pile, and make it look full and new. This tip is one sure fire way to make you grateful you don’t live in a sprawling estate with endless rooms to see to. #champagneproblems
  3. Rotating your furniture is another of our top tips, heavy furniture can cause the carpet fibres to become dented over time, and damage the carpet in high traffic areas. So why not try your hand at Feng shui and create balance within your home, at the very least you might end up finding that sock you’ve been hunting for stuffed down the back of the sofa!
  4. You’ve tried your best to keep the carpets clean, you’ve told off the kids for trodding mud into the house, the dog has been relegated to the kitchen, and don’t even get us started on what you did to hubby when he tried to bring his mucky boots into the house, and now you’ve gone and spilt red wine on the carpet! Don’t fret, with a few steps you can remove the stain and they will be none the wiser. It may seem like a waste of wine (a crime of the highest order) but pouring a little white wine on the stain will help clear this up. For more tips on how to remove all the stains life can throw your way visit the carpet and rug institute website. By cleaning spills as soon as they happen you will stop them becoming stains and discolouring your carpets.