We love seeing interesting and inspiring flooring designs from around the world and have compiled a list of what we feel are the funkiest floors out there!


The owner of this beach house was so inspired by their location that they brought the ocean inside too with an aquatic themed epoxy resin floor complete with swimming fish!


For those who love the natural beauty of wood it doesn’t get much better than this stunning wooden floor. The warmth of the wood and the wood grain make for an unusual and interesting pattern.


This penny flooring is the ultimate in hipster style and a real labour of love for whoever laid each individual coin!


This brightly coloured mosaic floor makes great use of the curved wall to create an eye-catching swirl design with all the colours of the rainbow!


We can’t think of a more relaxing place to take a bath than this bathroom with starlight inspired flooring.


This pop art inspired floor lends a funky twist to a classic wood flooring design. Andy Warhol would be proud!


The owners of this flooring have taken their love of scrabble to extreme with this choice of flooring.


This optical illusion carpet cleverly deceives the eye into thinking there are warp holes in the floor. Mind where you step!


This glass floor is designed to look like blocks of ice and adds a real ‘wow’ factor to this hallway.


We think we might have saved the best for last. This hi tech gym floor illuminates the outline of different courts depending on what sport is being played. You can select from a number of options such as Badminton and Basketball.