Parquet’s come back and the origins of this beautiful design flooring.

When we think of parquet flooring, many of us think of the school rooms from our childhood.

Parquet has been around since the 1600’s when large diagonal squares known as parquet de Versailles were introduced to replace marble flooring.  Marble was beautiful but the constant washing and misunderstood jointing techniques caused joists to rot beneath the floors and so an alternative was sought and parquet arrived!

The word parquet comes from the old French parchet which means “a small enclosed space” making reference to the shapes formed in the patterns and layouts of a parquet floor.

Since its arrival parquet was ever popular until the dawn of carpet in the 1930’s when it came on the scene as a practical and inexpensive alternative to hard flooring.

However, it is now back with a vengeance and as beautiful as it always was!  Available in a plethora of styles, sizes, patterns, colours and materials (engineered wood, solid wood, vinyl tile and sheet vinyl options are all available), the parquet business is booming and it is the perfect way to make a statement with your floors.

There are so many variations of it nowadays that it doesn’t have to be the budget busting floor covering we associate with it.  Why not get in touch with us and have a chat about what might work for you?  Telephone 01748 822834 or e-mail

P.s.  Even our very own boss here at NH Flooring has chosen parquet flooring for his entrance hallway and I have to say I have floor envy, it looks fab!


Many thanks to Panaget for the beautiful image.  This flooring is available through us here at NH Flooring.