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This week we have been playing with some samples of Abingdon's Aqua Pro-Tec carpet ranges.

Many people will be familiar with the standard man made fibre stain resistant carpets available on the market today. There are some really lovely examples, many claiming to be bleach cleanable and stain resistant.

Abingdon have taken it a step further. Their Aqua Pro-Tec ranges have a special material built in to the core structure of the yarn that means liquids can't penetrate and sit on the top of the carpet like droplets to then be easily blotted away with a piece of kitchen paper! We didn't believe what we were hearing when the rep came to show us but within seconds we were throwing water onto the sample book and watching it sit on top exactly as described before easily wiping it clean with a cloth of paper towel - easy peasy! Because the system is built in to the yarn, it can't wear off like a sprayed on coating might meaning you have it for the life of the carpet. Perfect for a busy family home where spillages are a regular occurrence.

To see a demonstration of the Aqua Pro-Tec in action or to enquire about any of our man made fibre, easy clean carpets, call us today on 01748 822834. We have loads to choose from!