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Salcombe Natural Oak - 45-WGO-000
Salcombe Natural Oak

Product Summary

Salcombe Natural oak flooring features the rich golden hues and rustic details that are true to the spirit of the oak species. Each board is carefully brushed to bring out its exciting textures and matt lacquered to add a resilient satin sheen. This rustic wood floor captures a rich natural feel n spaces.

£70.79 VAT Incl. per m²
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  • Woodpecker Salcombe Natural Oak Sample

    Woodpecker Salcombe Natural Oak Sample

    £1.50 VAT Incl.

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Keep floors dry and as clear from dust and dirt as possible by sweeping with a soft brush. If mopping is required, use a slightly damp mop. Do not soak the floor. Avoid anything that could damage the floor such as stiletto heels. Use furniture feet pads. Clean up spillages immediately. Do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials.

Suitable for use with underfloor heating.

£70.79 (Incl VAT)

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